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OUGSME Library Catalogue
Title Author Publisher, year
1 A Colour Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section W.S. MacKenzie A.E. Adams Manson Publishing, 2001
2 The Weald Wes Gibbons Unwin Paperbacks, 1981
3 Geology of the Weald J.K. Kirkaldy The Geologists Association, 1976
4 The Field Description of Igneous Rocks R. Thorpe G. Brown John Wiley & Sons, 1993
5 The Field Description of Sedimentary Rocks M. Tucker Open University Press, 1990
6 Basic Geological Mapping J. Barnes Open University Press, 1991
7 Dictionary of Geology D.G.A. Whitten Penguin Books, 1971
8 The Holocene An Environmental History N. Roberts Blackwell, 1997
9 Marylands Geology M.F. Schmidt, Jr. Tidewater Publishers 1993
10 The MacMillan Field Guide to Geological Structures J.l. Roberts Macmillan 1989
11 Geology Made Simple W.H. Matthews W.H. Allen 1970
12 Geology (all colour paperback) A.J. Smith Hamlyn 1974
13 British Regional Geology The Wealden District R. W. Gallios Her Majesty's Stationary Office 1968
14 On the Rocks, A Geology of Britain Dr R. Muir Wood Baylis & Son Ltd 1978
15 Geology and Scenery in England and Wales A.E. Trueman Pelican Books 1971
16 Britains Structure and Scenary L. D. Stamp Collins 1960
17 An Introduction to Geological Strucures and Maps G.M. Bennison Hodder & Stougghton 1992
18 Gemstones in the Geological Museum South Kensington W.F.P. McLintock Her Majesty's Stationary Office 1983
19 Mortimer Forest Geology Trail A. Jenkinson Forestry Commission 1991
20 Earth F. Press R. Siever W. H. Freeman and Company 1978
21 Understanding Geology D. Webster Oliver & Boyd 1993
22 Holmes' Principles of Physical Geography D. Duff Chapman & Hall 1993
23 Introduction to the Petrolum Geology of the North Sea K. W. Glennie Blackwell 1994
24 Catologue of Printed Maps British Geological Survey BGS BGS 1992
25 Thermal Signatures of Heat Transfer processes in the Earth's Crust C. Clauser Springer 1999
26 Geological Field notes and Sketches P.G. Cooray Geological Society of Sri Lanka 1997
27 Tektites Witnesses of Cosmic Catastrophes G. Heinen Imprimerie Linden 1998
28 The Official Guide to the Jurrasic Coast D. Brunsden Coastel Publishing 2003
29 Land Degradation C.J. Barrow Cambridge University Press 1993
30 Land Mosaics The ecology of landscapes and regions R.T. Forman Cambridge University Press 1995
31 Changes in Land Use and Land Cover W.B. Meyer B.L. Turner Cambridge University Press 1994
32 Geologisches Wanderbuch für das Nördliche Rheinland Dr R.Rein Goecke & Evers 1953
33 Petrograpie Prof. Dr. W. Bruhns Gruyter & Co 1966
34 Die Mineralien der Schweiz M. Weibel Birkhäuser 1966
35 Welcher Stein Ist Das R. Börner Kosmos 1961
36 Die Entwicklungs Geschicte Der Erde   Werner Dausian 1962
37 Knaurs Mineralien Buch H. Bögel Droemer Knaur 1968
38 The Cave of The Petralonian Archanthropie A.N. Poulianos Anthropological association Greece 1982
39 Mineralien aus den Schweizer Alpen H.A. Stalder Lexi-Bildband 1966
40 Edle Steine R. Metz A.e. Fanck Belser 1965
41 Versteinerungen H. Mayr BLV 1982
42 Die Vulkanische Eifel Hopman Frechen Knetsch Wilhelm Stollfuss
43 Geologie in Bilden M. Schwarzbach Georg Fischer 1954
44 Der Mineralien Sammler Dr W. Lieber Ott 1966
45 Kleine Geologie der Schweiz Dr M.A. Koenig Ott 1967
46 The El Oro Metamorpic complex Ecuador Aspen Bonilla Duque British Geological Survey 1995
47 The Metamorphic Belts of Ecuador Litherland Aspden Jemielita British Geological Survey 1994
48 La Grotte et L'abime de Comblain-Au_Pont C. Elk J. Godissart L'ASBL 2007
49 The Classic Geology of the North of Ireland Mitchell, Cooper,Mckeever,McConnell  
50 CD The Lake District   BGS
51 Earthquakes Bruce A. Bolt W H Freeman & Co
52 Fire Mountains of the West. The Cascade and Mono Lake Volcanoes Stephen L. Harris Mountain Press
53 Volcanoes of the World Tom Simkin & Lee Siebert Geoscience Press 1995
54 The Cretaceous World Peter Skelton Cambridge University Press
55 Walking in the Dales Mike Harding Michael Joseph Ltd 1999
56 The Holocene. An Environmental History Neil Roberts John Wiley & Sons
57 The Sciences Good Study Guide A Northedge, J Thomas, A Lane, A Peasgood Open University 1997
58 Scientific and Technical Communication. Theory, Practice, and Policy James H. Collier Sage Pubn Inc 1996
59 Science Today: Problem or Crisis? Ralph Levinson & Jeff Thomas Routledge Chapman & Hall 1997
60 Communicating Science, Professional Contexts - Reader 1 Eileen Scanlon, Roger Hill & Kirk Junker Routledge 1997
61 Communicating Science, Professional Contexts - Reader 2 Eileen Scanlon, Roger Hill & Kirk Junker Routledge 1998

Book Numbers 1 to 24 kindly donated by Jenny Gilmore

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