Past events

20th-23rd October 2016: Creating geological videos near Strasbourg. Leaders: Dr Françoise Chalot-Prat (geology), Morag Hickman (videomaking)

18th-24th September 2016: Field trip to the Cantal volcanic complex, France. Leader: Dr. Sébastien Leibrandt

28th-31st January 2016 AGM in Munich. Visit of the Ries crater (leader: Gisela Pöges, Rieskratermuseum Nördlingen) and the Buergermeister-Mueller-Museum in Solnhofen (guided tour by Anna Krippner) where Dr. Helmut Tischlinger (Jura-Museum Eichstätt) gave us a presentation about his work using ultra-violet light to photograph fossils

15th-19th October 2015: Field trip to the Black Forest. Leaders: Dr. Michael Hanel (University of Heidelberg), Hubert Zedler (Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau, Baden-Wuerttemberg)

21st-27th June 2015: Field trip to the Vosges, France. Leaders: Dr Françoise Chalot-Prat & Maryse Ohnenstetter (both from Lorraine University, Nancy), Etienne Feuchter

31st January-1st February 2015: AGM in Verona. Visit of the Lessini mountains including a K-T boundary lead by Dr. Guido Gonzato

9-12th October 2014: Field trip to Luxembourg sandstones and minettes & visit of the Precious Stone Mine Steinkaulenberg in Idar-Oberstein (Germany). Leader for the sandstones: Sylvain Dechamps, PhD student at the University of Liège, Belgium

15th-21st June 2014: Field trip to the French and Italian Alps. Leader: Dr Françoise Chalot-Prat, Lorraine University, Nancy

31rd Jan - 27th Feb 2, 2014: Zurich, branch AGM. Visit to the famous Glarus Thrust lead by Dr. Marcel Frehner, ETH Zurich (the Technical University of Zurich)

24th to 28th  Oct 2013: Field trip to Ploumanc’h / Côte de granit rose:
Leaders: Day 1 Dr. Lothar Klappauf, Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, Stützpunkt Goslar; Day 2 Dr. Firouz Vladi, now retired; Day 3 Dr. Friedhart Knolle, Nationalpark Harz

23rd to 29th  Aug 2013: Field trip to the Dinarides, Serbia:
Leader: Prof. Nenad Banjac, University of Belgrade

21st to 25th  Jun 2013: Field trip to Ploumanc’h / Côte de granit rose:Leader: Dr. Emilie Thomassot, University of Nancy

26th - 27th Jan 2013: Heidelberg, branch AGM. Visit to the Felsenmeer located in the Odenwald Geopark,  followed by a talk about the famous Heidelbergensis; we could see a part of his skull but not touch it!

27th Oct.- 1st Nov. 2012 Field Trip to the Eifel Volcanic Fields:
Leader, Prof. Hans-Ulrich Schmincke. He is now retired, and was previously the Head of the Department for Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems at the Helmholtz Centre for Oceanic Research, Geomar, in Kiel.

23rd-24th June 2012 Jura weekend:
Dino foot prints, more fossils in limestone, folds and faults, glacial deposits, wine, cheese and barbecue in Elisabeth's garden.

21 Jan 2012 : Berlin, branch AGM, visit of the Naturkunde Museum, talk by Pr. Heubeck  "Progress Report: Where did terrestrial life come form and under which circumstances did it evolve?

22 - 27 Oct 2011: Vosges, France. Trip organised with the mineralogical museum "Terrae Genesis", Le Syndicat.

1-1O Aug. 2011: China, Shandong tour: dinosaur bones, goldmine, caves, Tai’shan mountains,…
Fieldtrip report in the Sept & Dec. 2011 newsletters and online.

4-5 June 2011: French Jura, geology of the western edge of the Jura mountains, caves,…

Jan 2011 ; Strasbourg, branch AGM, Bundsandstein quarry, oilfields and museum of Pechelbronn,…

24-31 Oct. 2010 : Bavaria Post-exam fieldtrip, the Continental Deep Bore Hole, project in Windischeschenbach, KTB, evolution and neotectonics of the intra-continental, Eger (Ohře) Rift and more…

12-13 June 2010 : French Jura, dinosaur footprints, roman archaeology and fossil hunt…

Jan. 2010 : Brussels  branch AGM, Natural History museum, Field trip in the Province of Liège lead by Pr Camille Ek. Report in the  March 2010 newsletter

Jan. 2009 : Bern branch AGM

16 Feb. 2008: India and the Deccan, report of the first 4 days.
This trip was organised by our partners in India and focussed on Central India and the Deccan Plateau, with visits to Lonar, Ajanta and Ellora

25-28 May 2007: Switzerland, BO's Whit Weekend, the Aare Valley.

3-10 June 2007: Croatia, Croatian Kaleidoscope

19-21 Jan. 2007: Rome, branch AGM week-end

4-10 Nov. 2006: Munich. Munich Mineral and Fossil Fair,
Munich Palaeontological Museum, Ries Crater. Trip Leaders: Dee Edwards and Dave Williams.

20-22 Jan. 2006: Branch, AGM in western Switzerland.

21-23 Jan.2005: Branch agm in Munich

23-30 Oct.2004: Post-exam Week trip to Cappadocia, Turkey.

31 July-7 Aug. 2004: Eifel Volcanic Fields, Germany.

28-31 May 2004: Aare Valley Whit Weekend. Gold panning and glacial landscapes, plus the BO's very own Red Lion pub.

24-25 Jan. 2004:Branch AGM in Vienna.

25 Oct.-1 Nov. 2003: Etna Revisited. Post-exam week.

27 July-6 Aug. 2003: Greenland.

19-28 July 2003 : Volcanoes in the Auvergne, France

24-26 Jan. 2003: Luxembourg. Branch AGM and geology weekend, including the Luxembourg Sandstone.

19 Oct.-26 Oct. 2002: Post-exam trip to Santorini

27 July-3 Aug. 2002: The Arbois region. A Taste of French Jura.

1-3 Feb. 2002 : Brussels. Branch AGM. a lecture on Sustainable Development as a Problem in Earth Science by Professor Nihoul from the University of Liege.

19-26 May 2001: Sicily. A week exploring Etna.

27-29 October 2000: Inaugural weekend meeting in Basel, Switzerland, including an excursion to the Rhine Graben and the Kaiserstuhl volcano.