Elisabeth d'Eyrames

Branch organiser: Elisabeth d'Eyrames

67370 Reitwiller, France


BO since January 2010, I succeed Annette Kimmich who set up the Mainland Europe Branch in 2000. I graduated with the OU in 2003 after doing most of the geology courses. I graduated with a Master degree "Earth and Planets" at the University of Lorraine in Nancy in 2014. My first project work involved the petrology of Archean rocks of the Labrador region in Canada. And my research project was about extracting sulfur from kimberlites and measuring their isotopic ratio to trace their source.A paper in English about that project is about to be published in the "Bulletin de la Societé de Géologie Française".

I like to be outdoors whatever the weather and socialise around stones, and enjoy organising field trips for friends and family.

I am currently living in a village next to Strasbourg, France.

Treasurer & Librarian: Terry Warrington

Terry Warrington


Completed OU Qualifications: BSc(Open)
(Past courses: S102, S236, S268, S267, S330, S339, 206, DT210, and T265).
Diploma in Environmental Policy
Diploma in Earth Sciences
A general interest in all things geological, possibly leaning towards volcanics and hard rocks.

Newsletter editor: Marion Seitz

NL editor
Marion Seitz

E-Mail: newsletter(at)

I have started studying at the OU in 2006 and got my BSc in Geosciences in 2013. My main interests lie in the field of climatology and planetary sciences. I'm working in the PR department of the German YMCA. Here, I've learned a lot about desktop publishing and editing - which turns out to be quite useful for the OUGS ME ;-)

Webmaster: Gisela Lunkwitz

Gisela Lunkwitz


Born 1950, I'm happily retired from my work as system and database administrator for Berlin's administration. After gaining the German equivalent of a MBA in my younger years and picking up rocks since childhood, I started 2010 at the OU with mostly geology related courses and graduated in Natural Sciences in 2016.

Fiona Till

Fiona Till
Fiona Till


I’m hoping to get my BSc (Open) by 2017.

(Past courses: T172, S180, S182, S175, S276, S216, S330, S339 and a Cert in Biological Recording from the University of Birmingham. Currently S250.)

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Dave Kopsch

Dave Kopsch


Around since 1941, lived most of my first 15 years in north London, then took to agriculture and progressed in a natural way to computer programming and systems analysis.
Past OU-courses: T171, M206, M301, M360, S103, S260 and S283.
Favourite place Rossbeigh Strand, Co. Kerry; other favourites include the Guinness which follows the 7 mile walk around the strand, rocks and rocky places, such as the Valle Maggia, Ticino.

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